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Audacy Wireless Controls
The Audacy System is the premier, advanced wireless lighting control system. Crafted at the intersection of simple and innovative, the Audacy System reimagines wireless lighting control and represents the streamlined future state of lighting technology for commercial, industrial, education, retail, healthcare, entertainment and other uses.

Carolina Highmast (CHM)
Lowering devices for commercial applications

LED lighting.

DALS Lighting, Inc.
Innovate decorative and architectural lighting, with quick ship available.

LED Manufacturing made in the U.S.A for commercial and industrial applications.

Commercial LED luminaire manufacturer.

Hazardous Location Lighting Solutions
Commercial and Industrial High Bay / Low Bay solutions

Outdoor lighting controls, flexible wireless parking lot lighting control, dusk to dawn control.

Incon Lighting 
Energy efficient lighting

Commercial and Architectural lighting control systems, occupancy sensors, metering, energy management solutions. 

Commercial area and street lighting.

Manufacturer of LED and Compact fluorescent HID luminaires for commercial and residential applications.

Commercial, architectural, and custom light poles and LED luminaires.

Lyte Poles
Lighting Life, outdoor decorative LED manufacturer.
Lyte Poles brings a new level of service to steel and aluminum light pole manufacturing—providing the ideal solutions for everything from commercial, residential, roadway, and sports lighting to electric charging stations and ornamental designs.

Mule Lighting
Specializing in exit / emergency lighting, battery packs and inverters.

New Star Lighting
American manufacturing specializing in healthcare, cleanrooms, and high abuse / confinement facilities.

Specializing in LED lighting for highways / roadways, tunnel lighting, and sports / flood lighting.


Sternberg Lighting designs and builds decorative and functional outdoor pole mounted luminaires and poles that meet design standards for both Traditional and Contemporary environments. Sternberg uses the latest in solid state technology in its products. Sternberg Lighting serves the Municipal, Lanscape, Higher Education, and Commercial markets, providing efficient and cost effective lighting solutions to the outdoor market.

Lowering devices for AKDOT projects

U.S. Architectural Lighting

American Manufacturer for steel / aluminum light poles and luminaires.  

Utility Metals
Manufacturer for Steel and aluminum light poles, brackets, tenon adapters and reducers.

Poles for roadway, area, high mast, and decorative applications.

Viscor Lighting
Canadian manufacturer specializing in healthcare, cleanrooms, commercial and industrial LED/flourescent lighting.

Vintage steel poles

Posts and bollards



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